Timeliness is another one of our top priorities. We strive to deliver exactly what our customers want, where and when they need it. Our central location gives us quick access to delivery points throughout the country, allowing us to provide “just in time” delivery for every customer.

We offer personal service when an order is placed and follow-up with immediate scheduling and guaranteed delivery at the time you specify.

With our own fleet of over forty unmarked trailers, we can provide discreet delivery to customer designated third parties and track the status of customer orders at any given moment.

Prior to loading, all trailer compartments are washed out on-site and thoroughly inspected to ensure there is no contamination when loading. All compartments are safety sealed top and bottom for your security, ensuring product integrity to your destination.



Our compartmentalized fleet allows delivery of up to five products; the end result is reduced customer inventory and increased cash flow. During the loading of each product, trailers are scaled on-site with our state certified scales and calibrated to the proper density, ensuring you get the exact amount invoiced. All of this and delivery of the product within 2 to 5 working days of the order being placed.