Our lubricant line ranges from passenger car and heavy duty motor oils to natural gas engine oil; included also are automotive gear and transmission fluids as well as an extensive lubricants selection to meet the demanding requirements of industrial mechanical and metalworking systems.

We realize the most critical elements in this business are quality and consistency of materials. We start with the finest base oils, additive systems, V.I. improvers and chemicals available in the industry. Next we go one step further by subjecting these materials to further evaluation, ensuring they meet strict specifications before finally being incorporated into the finished product. Certificates of analysis are provided with each product on every shipment for your assurance of quality.

Products are thoroughly tested prior to shipment and are subjected to 15-micron particle filtration during the loading process. This guarantees you the cleanest lubricant available, and as new technology is developed, we will continue to fine-tune our production methods to even more stringent standards. From product verification in our quality control lab to comprehensive analysis in our fully equipped analytical lab, we have the tools necessary to handle your lubricant needs.